National Institute of Chinese Medicine – Meditation for Self-Development

The benefits of meditation are well known and a regular meditation practice is an essential tool for any Qigong practitioner. Qigong is a meditation in motion; it is the art of staying in a state of meditation while performing movements, which has the effect of producing an important amount of Qi. The resulting Qi brings a deep well-being and strong therapeutic effect, so much so that professor Shin Lin of the Irvine Institute calls Qigong a "medication in motion".

The Institute will regularly add meditations integrated to Qigong teachings. They are suggested totally freely to you for the development of your own energy. They are aimed at enabling you to use this surplus of energy to increase the peace and harmony on earth, and also for you to develop the habit of meditating at least once a day for peace in the world.

The meditation of simply laughing, from of the happiness of feeling alive, is the best meditation there is.

Laughing Meditation

Massive laugh in the metro

Laughter is the best medicine - Laughing meditation

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