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The hypotheses shared in this section are those of François Caron, president of the Institute. They are not validated by the authors of the scientific references mentioned in these articles. They are merely hypothesis to stimulate new studies to better understand the scientific basis of the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This medicine also brings the question of how this knowledge, which requires modern scientific measuring tools to be understood, appeared fully explained millenniums ago, as support archaeological and historical discoveries.

Qi and low frequency infra red waves

Lin Housheng 林厚省 Part 2 of 8 - Low frequency infrared waves - Qi anesthesia

Invisibility cloak for heat could help mice vanish from snakes

The thermal rays of mice and men often go awry. An invisibility cloak built for a mouse could hide warm bodies from predators with thermal vision – and could scale up to hide humans from heat-seeking missiles.

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Materiality of Qi

Hacking nerves can control disease

Controlling human nerve cells with electricity could treat a range of diseases including arthritis, asthma and diabetes, a new company says.

Perception of Therapeutic Qi -JAMS

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So far, most research attempts to explain the mechanism of the action of acupuncture have focused mostly on mechanically-triggered active factors and have produced inconclusive findings. In this study, we investigate whether acupuncture might also involve nonmechanical, nonpsychological active factors originating in the therapist.

Study Shows Individuals Emit Their Own Unique Microbial Cloud

We each give off millions of bacteria from our human microbiome to the air around us every day, and that cloud of bacteria can be traced back to an individual. New research focused on the personal microbial cloud -- the airborne microbes we emit into the air -- examined the microbial connection we have with the air around us. The findings demonstrate the extent to which humans possess a unique 'microbial cloud signature'.

Posture and moving in Qigong

Better sleep and tai chi reduce inflammation and promote health

Inflammatory processes occur throughout the body, with a primary function of promoting healing after injury. However, when too active, these inflammatory processes can also damage the body in many ways, and may contribute to heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, and other significant medical problems.

Physics of falling says professional athletes are running wrong

Runners may be doing it all wrong. A slightly different posture could let runners and walkers get a gravity-driven boost – and potentially break world records.

Comment from de François Caron, president of the Institute

This article explains perfectly the proper mechanics of movement, not only in running, but in any movement. It is the scientific explanation of the surprising ability that the Taiji masters have in pushing their opponent, without appearing to use muscular strength. They use gravity, which is a stronger force than muscular strength. They combine the strength of a controlled fall to a rotation, creating the angular moment, which is sufficient to project an opponent without using visible muscular strength, if the timing is perfect. The timing is the key word and it is here the art of the Taiji practitioner.

This way to move is constant in all the Taiji Qigong Shibashi movements and it is the key to generate a bio-mechanically correct movement, as well as the use of the internal energy, the Qi.

The Shaolin posture which appears to be static, is in fact a fall which is compensated by the raise of a force felt as if the legs are like a pneumatic suspension, with the sensation of compressed air or - with time and training - as if the legs are filled with warm liquid. The body metabolism is activated, which helps it recover health, deficient. When one gradually relaxes and embraces the force of gravity, then the Qi movement is automatic. With the corresponding Yang, the Yin raises. The available Qi quantity therefore becomes the result of a disciplined and progressive training.